SC 10-8 final!

may get some luck on this day after all but MSU has scored a lot of runs late on SC so we will see.Looks like they are facing SC best ERA starter.just have to see if bullpen can hold them or add a few runs themselves which they just did with a Mammoth 3 run shot!
MSU got 2 off thier Bullpen so SC has to get 6 more outs.

SC with a 2 run bomb in the 8th

Miss st got 4 in the 8th will have the bottom of order up in the 9th

Sec west champs way to go guys! now get your butts in gear and play ball!!!

Carolina has a right hander who is throwing really well. He has allowed four hits through six innings, but his pitch count is up to 93. MSU has torched the Gamecocks’ bullpen the last two nights.

Great! I really am hoping they can pull this off.
Would make Losing the series to A&M a little less

Three-run shot for the Poultry in the seventh! Looks like we may have to find more room in the trophy case.

7-1 now just hit a 3 run bomb

Music to my ears!

I fully expect Dogs to come back

SC bullpen sucks

they have Blistered the SC Bullpen the 1st 2 games so we will see.

8-1 SC MSU has lost 2 balls in the sun for a run

What sucks about this is following another game to find out if the hogs will share a west flag when we played like the bad news bears and got beat 2 games in a row!
It really don’t make any difference what happens in this game!

yeah I would have rather washed my own clothes but this team has played very well 95% of the time so are worthy of their position

Army, it makes a difference whether we win the division or not. You may be pissed about the last two days, but we still won 20 games in the SEC – including sweeping the Leghumpers – and deserve to be rewarded.

By the way, SC is just now going to the bullpen. Starter went 6.1 innings. They’re playing for something; if they win today they probably go to Hoover, if they lose, they won’t.

We play Auburn or Missouri?

Auburn -LSU still up in the air…Ole Miss/Auburn or Missouri would be our 1st game. If SC holds on. Maybe :sunglasses:

auburn anyday with all those LH Mizzou has

I may have eyeballed that wrong…but it’ll be Isiah v. #2.

10-3 SC with a 2 run bomb!

10/5 now bottom 8th

Y’all weren’t kidding about USCe’s bullpen. Wow

10-7 going to 9th