SBNation FBI Investigation Article

So, I was reading more about the FBI investigation. And while reading this article. … ort-report

I noticed it said among the top 16 teams, almost half of them are tied to investigations. Then it said up to 50 teams could be compromised. And they are not talking about mid-majors. That’s a lot of big schools. It got me thinking what all schools in the SEC could be affected by this. And I think it’s a significant number. I’m curious to everyone else’s thoughts. Here’s how I think the SEC probably looks.

Auburn - Dirty
Tennessee - Clean
Arkansas - Clean
Missouri - Clean
Alabama - Dirty
Florida - Clean
Mississippi St. - Dirty
Kentucky - Dirty
Texas A&M - Skeptical
LSU - Skeptical, Will Wade dramatic uptick in recruiting at LSU is suspicious to me.
Georgia - Clean
South Carolina - Clean, although there was some rumors a couple years ago.
Vanderbilt - Clean
Ole Miss - Clean

I think SEC has 4-5 schools that are dirty. I have no doubts about Auburn, Kentucky, and Mississippi State.

Really know way of knowing. I think there is a different degree of dirty though - MSU and Auburn are filthy.


Florida may not be as clean as you think. Billy Donovan established a very lucrative relationship with some AAU teams that created a lot of rumors. I understand those some AAU coaches and “handlers” are still tight with UF.

Yes, the Mike’s Miller AAU connection had people wondering about the Gators.

I just hope Arkansas is clean.

I doubt there half of the SEC teams totally clean and without some problem.
But out right cheating it’s obvious.
Auburn. “Lying” Bruce Pearl would do anything to win. It would shock me if he is still the coach next year!

Moo U. “Honest” Ben Holland will soon have another 3 year show cause!

Alabama. Avery Johnson has to deal with the staffer whom was fired that had previously worked on the NCAA rules enforcement staff. The Sexton saga may not be totally over. I hope he keeps his job!

Missouri. Conzo Martin needs a break somewhere and I hope he’s clean. It sure don’t look good to sign 2 players and then hire their father as an assistant coach.

Kentucky. “Greaseball” Cal is just waiting to get caught where he can pack! I’d Cal’s lips are moving he’s lying. It’s takes top talent for him to win because he can’t coach!

South Carolina. Frank Martin is great to watch and he’s honest and speaks his mind. The assistant coach caught up in this that had left and went to Oklahoma State and got fired may have some dirty laundry that go back to the gamecock days I hope not.

Texas A&M. Billy Kennedy I hope not he has plenty of problems without having NCAA issues. I like and respect him

LSU. Will Wade. The sudden uptick in recruiting is odd but time will tell.

Florida. Mike White isn’t winning enough to be cheating and his roster isn’t full of 5 stars.

Tennessee Rick Barnes I seriously doubt he has anything to hide. I can’t remember him having any rules violations I could be wrong.

Vanderbilt. Bryce Drew I hope not but then again he has just hit the recruiting lottery for next year.

Georgia. Mark Fox no chance. He may get fired after this season for not winning enough games but I think he is a good coach and honest.

Ole Miss. Andy Kennedy is out but not a chance of him cheating.

Hogs. Mike Anderson is straight up what you see is what you get. He won’t cross the line.

Overall the SEC may have upgraded a few coaches in the past few years but they sure hired to dirt bags and we already had one for sure. The simple solution is when coaches get caught don’t hire them. So Auburn, Moo U and Kentucky knew they were hiring coaches that had been caught before! I hope they get caught and get their money’s worth.
Players caught up in this mess should be allowed to play period. That’s the rules.

Strictly based on my own observations and not based on any inside info.

  1. My perception of Coach Kennedy (A&M) changed when he hired Rick Stansbury (the former coach at Miss St.). Of course, maybe he later realized that he had made a mistake and asked him to leave. IDK.

  2. One of Bryce Drew’s big recruits for Vandy this year is a local kid…so that makes it more understandable. Of course, he is Scott Drew’s (Baylor) brother.

  3. Maybe it is because I like the guy but I hope Avery Johnson is doing things the right way. I really think he is…but you never know. It would be refreshing to think that high-profile kids would be drawn to coaches with high character as much as to ones that provide a pipeline to the NBA.

Great post Army. Agree with 100% of what you said about each coach.