SB Nation reports CBB

will be out at Arkansas after season end. Also if Gus takes job he will have a say who is new AD. Interesting to say the least about Gus being able to choose his boss!

Gus gets to pick his boss? Hilarious.

Unless Gus wins the Iron Bowl I would say the odds are he will be our next coach. If not they will probably move on to Norvell.

Here’s the article…yeah the reporter(s) really dug deep on this one :wink: … end-season

I hope this is truly not how the BOT at Arkansas operate. This cannot possibly be what is going to take place.

I read the SBN article. I wouldn’t say they’re “reporting” that. No sources, no links, etc. They’re assuming. I think their assumption is probably correct, but it’s an educated guess.

i dont think it makes any difference

i believe there to be a mutual desire for gus to be HC at arkansas

i believe the timing for this to occur is now and that the results of AU season will have no impact on his decision or the decision of the “powers that be” in arkansas

i am not sure where the weak link is in this equation… but my sense is that it is with arkansas and not gus… if there is one at all

this might very well be a done deal

Why don’t we just make him the AD. As a matter of fact, make him the Chancellor. Money talks and apparently there is enough money people in love with GM that they are willing to give him whatever he wants.

And while you’re at it give him tons of stock options in chicken and trucking. :smiley:

I’m not a Gus fan, but it’s looking like there is something to the Gus rumors. I find it hard to believe that contact has not already occurred between Arkansas people and Gus about the possibility of him coaching Arkansas. It also wouldn’t surprise me if Gus hasn’t expressed that he would be interested in the job, prior to Long being terminated.

I agree, and I hope it all works out for us. But, if he doesn’t win after firing one of the top AD’s in the country and making all the big money concessions, there will be a nuclear meltdown on the hill. These NW Arkansas big money boosters are putting their reputation (and dollars) on the line. I hope we don’t get into trouble down the road as they feel the need to make sure recruiting goes well for Gus.

I hope it works out as well. Because if it doesn’t, things could really get ugly.

From all I’ve seen and heard, I think you are spot on. I could be totally wrong but everything lines up that way.