Says Embery Simpson

When was the last time you’ve heard our players speak in this sort of framework certainly not last season, "“Whatever we need to win a game, whatever Coach needs,” Embery-Simpson said of how he views his role off the bench. “Energy on both ends of the floor, hard work and leadership. Whatever we need.” This past Wednesday on Coach Anderson pod radio broadcast Joe and Desi were interviewed as well, both spoke well but Desi spoke with such passion I took pause and stop my attempts to multitask to listen. there is something special abounds with this group they all have bought in on one accord and that is to win. Hence it’s hard for me to have a favorite therefore I’m down with all 13 including any redshirt or walk on

Group nickname " Dan and the Juggernauts". It has a ring

I can’t agree more.In a day and age when most players want “to get theirs” and whatever with the team, it is a breath of fresh air to read quotes like his. There seems to be a lot of guy’s like this on the team now. They want to play defense and are unselfish, I think. I am looking forward to watching them the rest of the season.

Sounds just like our football team… :shock:


The thread or the nickname?