Say us, A&M, & Bama win out...............

…and it very well could happen, how would we three be rated? Would any scenario allow both Bama and A&M to be in the BCS? Can you hear the groans when someone, and you know some will, points out that all three SEC West teams might should be in the BCS. It may all implode on us during the next month but a guy can speculate a little bit. It could happen.

aTm and Bama can’t win out, they play each other.

To answer your question. My guess is 13-0 Bama plays in the Playoffs. aTm gets the Sugar Bowl at 11-1. Here is where I differ from Matt. If we also win out at 10-2, we could get a shot at the Cotton. The Cotton is “at-large” vs “at large.” If Louisville doesn’t get in the Playoffs, I can see Jerry going after the AR vs Former Coach matchup. I think if not, we will get the Capital One Bowl.

A&M and Bama cannot both win out since they will play each other. I think maybe both could get in to the play-offs if Bama was the loser to A&M in a close game. That would be the best scenario for us. We would probably get one of the New Year’s Day 6 bowls. If they didn’t both get into the play-offs, the loser would get one of the NY Day 6 bowls and we would probably be relegated to a lesser bowl.