Say it ain't so Isaiah Joe

Must be a Northsider Insider joke kind of thing. I. Joe was listed as and introduced as "a 5’9 Jr. Guard. Now I’m not sure I’m buying every centimeter of 6’4 as has been written, but he’s a lot closer to 6’4 than he is to 5’9. My guess would be more like 6’3 as a shoeless Joe. Physically, he is a Jimmy Whitt look alike. Very long armed, but unlike the aforementioned JW, his shot is pure and his range is Dustyesque. Not as athletic as I had thought. He really isn’t a fast twitch guy and doesn’t elevate that much on his shot. I heard someone compare him to Daryl Macon, but he seemed more Dustyish to me. If he can develop DH’s floater and other little shooter tricks he could be a very good player for us. Used the long arms for a couple of deflections today.

The PA guy got him mixed up with Tevin Brewer. I would probably go 6-3 too.