Saw where

Deatrich Wise is starting for Buffalo at DE…Shame he got hurt early in his senior season…

Think he plays for New England

Sorry,…they WERE playing Buffalo,…yes, the pats…

D. Wise has been a starter for the Patriots on and off for many seasons and a Key piece on pass rush plays since his rookie season.

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Patriots have some Arkansas connections. Wise, Hudson Henry and the Jackrabbit and former Lion King who should have been a Razorback, Pierre Strong.

Love seeing Hogs play in the pros, just not the Pats. Amazing how Belichek is just an average coach without Brady. Walking on water is harder without the Goat!

For two or three seasons, it was Trey Flowers starting at one DE and Wise rotated in at the other DE for New England. Then Flowers left on a free agent deal and Wise has started since then.

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