Saw elsewhere Goodheart wont play this weekend

Didn’t go into details other than it was not covid related,not good! Hard to beat these teams without your best hitter, very tough mentally for your team to accept that right at the last second I do not like this one bit. Whatever it is hope you get back soon Matt

He may or may not be our best hitter. There are some other pretty good hitters in the lineup. I suspect Franklin, Moore and others are pretty darned good.

They are, no doubt about it, just mentally a shock to the system to lose a player like him.we will see how it turns out

Goodheart did not make the trip. It is a non-covid medical reason.

That doesn’t sound good…

Any update to share?

Van Horn said after the Texas game that Goodheart is going to see a doctor today about whatever is ailing him. He said after the Texas Tech game that he was having some “stomach issues.”

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