Saw a post game interview with Fletcher on the SEC Network....................

… and when asked why Arkansas hits Singer so well, Fletcher seemed to indicate they noticed his wind up was quicker when he was about to throw a fast ball. The two former big leaguers calling our MissState game were talking about how well we hit Singer and THEY were convinced we had picked up something that let us know what his next pitch would be. I guess now that we won’t be hitting against him ever again, maybe that was OK to share. Probably Cole, since he was drafted by the same team as Singer, would have shared that with him anyway. I wonder if DVH wants things like that shared around? He seems like the type who would want that kind of thing kept private so future opponents won’t be too careful. I am not sure how much that can be true since Kjerstad didn’t bat like he knew the fast ball was coming!

Van Horn shared a little too. Basically, he said the key was not to chase the slider down. He said most have a hard time staying away from that chase. He paused before answering. He said “we don’t see him again, right?”

I don’t think he cares what Fletcher shares on a player they won’t see again.