Saw A Funny Louisiana Meme Yesterday

“I sure hope the crawfish are ok in this!” Wouldn’t that suck…no Mardi Gras this year, COVID, Saints choked in the playoffs again, and the topper…a poor crawfish season!

Here’s hoping the mud bugs are ok! I’m ready for it to warm up and pop some heads on the porch.


Having lived in the NOLA area and experiencing Mardi Gras and crawfish season I know first hand what those mean to folks there. I made the mistake of calling the mud bugs crawdads once. It was made clear to me they were crawfish…

Good folks.

I did the same once. Saying Crawdads is blasphemy down there.

I grew up in SW Missouri. My mother was an inveterate fisherman. Her favorite bait was soft-shelled crawdads that she used when she fished Elk River. But those were much smaller than the crawfish that I like fried.

BTW, she always claimed that she was the one responsible for a trend. We used to take inner tube floats. She put a cooler in an inner tube so that we could have appropriate refreshments along the way.

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