Savion Williams

TCU’s kickoff returner is Savion Williams, who was committed to Arkansas before Chad Morris was fired. Williams is averaging 22.3 yards per return this season.

Sounds like a great goal for special teams.

I’m plastering 22.3 all over the walls of the special teams’ meeting room. The goal? Simple. Keep him under that mark.

He’s a very big kick returner too. I saw him on my east Texas tour before the A&M game last year.

I hope he returns those from 5 yards deep and gets to the 17 yard line.

Special teams will be tested. TCU has blocked three punts and does everything well in the kicking game.

Clay, we may need to go to the Pulaski Academy way of handling kicks & punts, just go for it!

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PA makes it work.

I’d come after us every chance. We aren’t returning so nothing to lose.

Never want to lose, so I hope we don’t–but to me the extra practices, especially after missing last spring will be a great opportunity to set up development plans for players that will have expectations on them, going forward.

Well it’s just nice to get the extra practice and have a chance to play a team from the old SWC! I hope the hogs win but nothing can that happens can diminish the turnaround our hogs had this season.
I hope we have a vaccine available soon so the world can get back to it a new normal. Not just sports. Life!

Hope they get confused and substitute Savion Glover and he is tap dancing around on returns, ought to be an easy tackle :slight_smile:

I hope he gets a whole lot of opportunities.


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