Savion Williams talks visit

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He said the coaches were on him the whole weekend,does that mean for him to commit?

I certainly hope so, youdaman… This isn’t Penn State…

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What do you mean this isn’t Penn St??? Got absolutely nothing to do with my question

Recent hazing charges at Penn State referred to one of the hazing techniques as being Sandusky’d. (Not trying to be funny or make light of a tragic and deplorable series of events)

Just didn’t really understand what he was talkin about. He said they were really on me all weekend and then said heck I’m going to make my choice. Said he would make his decision based on how the coaches treated him. Just wasn’t sure if he was feeling pressured which I know for sure is the quickest way to lose some recruits.

Yes. As of now, I like Arkansas’ chances of getting him back.

Hard for me to see him not being coached by Stepp.

Yes I thought we were in great shape with him he just confused me by what he said. He is a big-time player and we really need him!

I got it wiz GYMOOTGutter :sunglasses:

Wiz…shame shame shame!!! Why you gotta do that to Youdaman!! :wink:

Oh I finally got it, Mods should have deleted it as soon as it was posted .We don’t have any need for that kind of inappropriate comment like that… pretty sad in my opinion.

DRAMA unnecessary…just move on,remember last time you got upset.

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