Savion Williams becomes first de-commit after the firing

just put it up via Twitter.

Certainly won’t be the last as obviously Chandler and no doubt many others will follow.

I’m going to say there would have been more upcoming decommitments if Morris had been allowed to coach another year. They were already dropping like flies.


They were/are going to lose some either way - maybe all but the in-state kids and some of them might be iffy.

They are going to have to restart the rebuild.

It will be tough for a few more years!
Hope HY hires a good coach.

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It would have been rugged next year even with Morris as our head coach. Especially with the way players were being developed with the old staff

Here is my concern. I’ve heard all year that Bret’s old players hated Morris and were causing riffs in the locker room. You have some ex Hogs (non Bret guys) complaining the players aren’t giving 100%, then you have ex Bret players blaming the coaches. I have a feeling he did develop some guys, but they tanked on purpose to get him fired. If you see them give LSU and Missouri a run for there money and possibly upset both, I’m really gonna get pissed at our players for the last two seasons. Now if they look as horrible as they have, then obviously it’s on the coaching staff, but I have a feeling we are about to compete in the last two games.

That’s a pretty big jump to say that they must have been tanking if they suddenly play well in the last two games. In the first place, there’s a difference between tanking to get a coach fired, and just mentally giving up.

If that unlikely event we suddenly get better, it could just as easily be because the tension/mental funk has been broken by the firing, and they can just go out and play.

So far Chavis has not been canned and there has been no announcement that someone else is going to run the defense the last two games. Maybe half the defense was checked out Saturday, or at least less than fully into the game. So I doubt we are going to see the switch suddenly be thrown for the defense.

I disagree about it being a jump. There have been rumors all year that it was happening, and I’ve even pointed out players not giving 100% and taking “plays off”. If they come out and play with 100% effort it’s not a stretch in my mind at all. It would fit in with what I’ve heard and seen all year

I posted this in another thread:

There was an interesting article from Kelli Stacy ( The Athletic , a pay site) today. She talks about a divided locker room. She also claims that Morris never embraced Bielema’s remaining players.

I do know that several players and former players were upset that Devwah got only one carry on Senior day. I must admit that I was puzzled by that.