Saturday's NWS forecast

Subject to change of course, but:

Game time temp 88, creeping up to 89 around halftime. Heat index in 95-96 range. Wind from the south at about 7. Mostly sunny, less than 10% chance of any rain. Good day to make sure you’re hydrated (and wearing sunscreen if you’re in the east or north stands).

Surely, they will let fans bring in water. However, I haven’t seen an announcement.

I think they intend to sell water. Not sure they are going to let anyone bring in anything that is for sale in the stadium.

Swine…that will be downright pleasant compared to the last game I attended which was our road game at South Carolina last year. Holy heat waves was it HOT!!! It rained ALL morning up until about 2 hours before kickoff and you would have thought you were in a SAUNA with 85,0000 plus fans stacked on top of you!!! I still remember seeing a couple of Hog fans near us puking in cups (combination of the heat and being WAY over served the night before lol). I have never sweat so much in my life just sitting, and I am in very good shape!!!

I agree though…hydrate hydrate hydrate because it will be balmy!!!

I don’t remember where, but IIRC last season somebody let fans bring in clear, empty bottles and set up huge tanks of water for a hot-weather game, and they could fill those bottles free. I thought that was a good idea. I don’t think HY wants to risk a lawsuit from someone who gets heatstroke because the concessionaires ran out of bottled water. They do still have water fountains on the concourse; the big tanks are just a larger, more accessible version.

Also, I have the perspective of having spent most of the second half in the first aid room of DKR in Austin in September 2003 because my son was having severe heat stress on a similar day. From then on I made sure he stayed hydrated at games.

Several years ago they had a game when it was hot and humid and they let the fans bring in a clear water bottle and set up igloos full of water in the concourses so you refill throughout the game. The next week in LR the weather was the same and they did nothing and one of the fountains on the West side didn’t even work.

For the baseball regionals this year it was so hot you could bring in clear bottles and they filled them for you when needed.

Correct, you can bring in an empty clear water bottle no larger than 20oz.