Saturday's game even more important due to Weather on Sunday

Weather forecasts call for a 90% chance of rain Sunday, so there’s a good chance we may not get that game in.

Wish they would schedule a double-header for today, but with the game being scheduled for 2 PM tomorrow on the SEC Network, they’ll keep it as it is and hope they can play.

Right now, I’d take a win today and get out of town with a split. First, of course, you’ve got to get that win today.

Will be interesting to see how our team rebounds from that butt-kicking last night. Normally, I’d feel pretty good about it. Thing is, when a team see’s their Ace get torched, it can be demoralizing. No one has ever seen Knight handled like he was last night. It’s got to be a big unnerving to the rest of the team. Knight needs them to pick him up now.

You’re saying that like it’s a bad thing. The only thing worse than losing 2 to Aubrun would be losing 3 to Aubrun.

Game tomorrow is scheduled for 3pm, not 2 pm

Correct. I incorrectly thought that the 3 PM was EST, but it is not.

Also, latest forecast - and these things can change - is that the rainy weather will have mostly come and gone by that time tomorrow. So, we should be able to get the game in.