Saturday's announce team

ESPN will send Joe Tessitore (play-by-play), Greg McElroy (color) and Katie George (sideline) to Fayetteville for Saturday night’s game.

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That may not be the A team, but it’s close. They will probably do a good job in covering the game. All are pros.

McElroy will tell you that probably the toughest crowd he played in front of was the Bama-Hog game in Fayetteville where we hit Wingo on the wheel early. 2010? I think that’s right.

Holey Moley, its Joe Tessitore.

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Well, I guess you just told everybody that you actually watch that crazy TV show. Oops, I guess I just did the same thing. :thinking:

His side kick can be hilarious at times.

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That’s exactly right,Mcelroy said that was the loudest Stadium,he played in front of…Sat night should be real close if not better.

I will be there doing my best to make it the loudest in a long time!!!

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That is the “A” team! Wish we would have gotten Gameday

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