Saturday starter

After the game tonight, Dave Van Horn said he has not decided who will start Saturday’s game vs. Ole Miss, but it will probably be either Connor Noland or Patrick Wicklander. Van Horn said Noland threw harder tonight than he has the past couple of weeks.

I love Connor but he doesn’t have the same stuff as wicklander and some of Ole miss better hitters are left handed and it turns around their best hitter and makes him hit right-handed which he’s not as good.

Friday night we will probably know for sure. It would be nice to see Wicklander get a shot at it but I like them both!

Connor has never had the hardest stuff, but he had incredible control early, along with good movement. When he gets that control back, he will be a starter again.

Let’s hope Connor regains his command and confidence soon!

Connor Noland will start Saturday.

I think he may be afraid to start wicklander on the weekends because he knows we have no other left-handed pitcher in the bullpen that’s proven he can get anybody out I don’t know why we have a hard time getting a left-hander in the bullpen.

There’s a few lefties in the bull pen but only Cronnin has experience! Monks and Taylor have potential they just don’t have control!