Saturday Nov 30 Coaching Search Thread

Suggest we put the latest updates and rumors all in one thread today. We can start a new one every day until we get a new HC.

All my sources remain quite, and are keeping it close to the vest. They are my two dogs.

The way it usually seems to work is leaks start in the media covering the school where the new coach is coming from - so I’ve started following beat writers for Iowa State, Wake Forest, VA Tech, Florida Atlantic, and Washington State on Twitter.

Who else do I need to add?

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I think Leach saw himself out of the equation last night.

The Oakland raiders

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Dang, Jackson, you are like Sherlock Holmes. You are on the case. Do you have a Dr. Watson sidekick?

Jacksonreid, I’m not trying to be a smart aleck, but how do you have so much time for social media?

Are you retired? Have family? Other hobbies?

LOL Only takes about 2 minutes to follow the beat writers on Twitter and then set up notifications for them. Need to cheat because I’ll be tied up with Christmas shopping, etc. have to improvise to stay plugged in!

Should really start to heat up after today. Probably quite until Sun. or Mon.

Just a hunch on my part but I got a feeling it’s going to be Kiffin… he knows the SEC very well, I think he would jump at the chance because he would get an incredible raise in salary for him.Don’t have any source at all just a gut feeling.


Gotta give to HY. This has been the most uneventful coaching search from a fan’s perspective. Especially since we were one of just two teams actively searching. At this point, I wouldn’t be surprised if it is Leach, Kiffin, Pittman, Lunney, Campbell, Norvell, Fritz, Fickell, Fuente, Fleck, Harsin, Clark, or even Stoops. That’s impressive.

It has been more of an evaluation to this point. No coach is going to talk until their regular season is over. The search picks up this weekend.

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I hope our next coach plays tonight at 6 when Iowa State plays Kansas State


I’m with you Bushhog!

Some Matt Campbell tidbits:

Toledo made Campbell the permanent head coach at the end of 2011 when he was 32 years old. Two weeks into the job, defeated Air Force in the Military Bowl. Reportedly Campbell passed on a chance to serve on Urban Meyer’s staff at Ohio State and coached four full seasons at Toledo: 2012–2015, amassing a record of 35–15 and peaked at No. 20 in the AP Poll including a victory over Arkansas.

Iowa State University named Campbell its head coach on November 29, 2015, his 36th birthday, and Campbell signed a six-year, $22.5 million extension with the school on November 27, 2017. Campbell was named the Big 12 Coach of the Year In his second at Iowa State. Campbell has led Iowa State to impressive wins such as #3 Oklahoma and #4 TCU and Iowa State won their bowl game that year against Memphis in the Liberty Bowl. During his third year at Iowa State, he led the Cyclones to an 8-5 record. This included a 6-3 record in Big 12 play, their most conference wins in history. In 2018, Matt Campbell was reportedly offered an interview with the New York Jets but declined the interview.

La tech and Indiana along with Dallas morning news

I will join you 2 in hoping it’s Campbell.
I think he could get the Higs headed out of the basement. It may take him 2 or 3 years to get to 6-6 and bowl eligible to the tidy bowl but that would be a lot better than where we sit!

Exactly Army IMO it won’t really matter who we hire,we are looking at probably 2 more long,exhausting seasons b/c we lack quality/depth on the LOS on both sides and we have no proven SEC quality QB and that’s a recipe for losing. Rhule at Baylor proved it can be done so anything is possible.
This recruting class will probably suffer but hopefully we can hire a coach that can bring in stud OL/DL and go from there,but its going to be rough for couple yrs I’m afraid and that will be so hard to deal with but it is what it is…

FIU. Butch is the fall back option