Saturday morning SEC standings

Hogs 18-7
LSU 17-7
Auburn 13-13

Vandy 17-8
Florida 16-9
SoCar 14-10
Kentucky 14-11

I think one more win clinches the first round bye in Hoover. Probably also clinches a national seed if we haven’t clinched it already.

RPI this morning:
LSU (up 1)
SoCar (down 1)
Florida (up several)
Boston College
Clemson (up 4)
Stanford (up 4; takes until #10 to get to a team not in the SEC or ACC)

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I think there’s a good chance we’ve clinched a national seed, but I’d feel better with 1 or 2 more wins. 18-12 is a very good SEC record but that would mean losing our last 5 games. That wouldn’t be a good look even if the committee ignored the array. Regardless, I think we win at least 1 more and probably 2 or 3. It will be hard to sweep USC and hard to win 2 at Vandy. However, Vandy has shown some vulnerability.

We’re not leading the SEC because we’ve just been lucky. We have a good team.

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DVH has recruited to depth. Next man up mentality. Pretty to watch


DVH may just know what he is doing?


DVH has the ability to recruit across the country and get most of the players he goes after. It’s wild to think about how many players transfer out and start for other teams. If Wiggins, Frank’s, Tygart and Csrter would have been healthy and able to pitch all season it would have been hard for teams
To beat our hogs.
Our hogs are good and Deep!

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