Saturday midnight: Still a 6 at Bracket Matrix

And Jerry Palm still has us as a 6 in Dallas. I would love for Jerry to nail this forecast. We find out in about 17 hours I guess.


6 vs 3. AR vs Michigan
6 vs 2. AR vs UNC
6 vs 1. AR vs Xavier (I like this matchup, but I don’t think Xavier makes it this far)
6 vs 4. AR vs WVU
6 vs 5. AR vs KY

This is the bracket we DO NOT want. I hope Palm is 99% wrong. I’d like to be the 6 seed, but avoid those teams above

If we are using Bracket Matrix, then the potential #11’s we’d be matched up with include these (there are six, because this is a play-in area of the bracket…or “first four”, etc.):

Saint Mary’s
Arizona State

Some interesting match-ups there.

I don’t like the Texas matchup. Bamba would abuse Gafford and Thompson. Arizona St is much better than perceived. They can play with anyone when they want to (reminds me of us). OU would want a revenge factor, yes they’ve been playing bad, but don’t underestimate the “revenge” factor. Schofield talked about it prior to yesterday’s game. There was a reason they were on fire. The other three matchups aren’t that bad. Kind of like them.

Please just don’t let us match up against College of Charleston. I would prefer to stay from UNC too.

We can beat Michigan. After that I don’t worry about matchups. We have essentially zero chance of winning the NC anyway. Second weekend, I’d call the season a huge success.

Remember that two of those six 11s will be eliminated in Dayton. I wouldn’t mind getting one of the 11s that wins in Dayton; they’d have to fly to another city and play again in 48 hours or less, where we’d be rested.