Saturday lines:

Early but what I see:

Ole Miss -6 vs us
Alabama - 14.5 @ Aggies
Georgia -14.5 @ Auburn

I think a guy could make a lot of money just betting Bama and Georgia every week. I learned my lesson the hard way yesterday.


I’d take Bama and GA at that line in a heartbeat.


My wife wanted to go with her heart and bet $100 straight up on the Hogs. I strongly suggested that that might not be a good idea, and the odds makers made it a 16-17 games for a reason.


That was a huge line and Georgia has a lot to play for. Unless something seriously bad happens to the Dawgs, I think they will enter the SEC Championship undefeated and leave the same way.


I remember the first time I took my then-girlfriend, now wife to the races. She’d never been and knew nothing about them. she quickly understood that a 70-1 horse paid a lot more than a 3-1 horse. So naturally she want to bet on the 70-1 horse. I talked her out of it explaining why the horse was 70-1. She grudgingly went with my advice.

I don’t have to tell you who won the race. Let’s just say the rest of the day was very unpleasant for me.


That brings a big smile to my face. My first trip to the races in Hot Springs my future wife was there with her date-and my friend- and my date was her then roommate. I do love the horses and my wife(now for fifty years).


I took the Hogs and 17 points, because I underestimated how good Georgia was. I’m a believer now. Even though I still think we have a very good team, Georgia and Bama are in a different stratosphere than everyone else.

Me too!

I don’t bet on sports (I think I placed on bet on a NBA game when I was in Las Vegas in the early 90’s, other than that, never placed one) but if I had bet, I would have bet on UGA. (Another reason I don’t bet on sports, I could never bet against the Hogs).

Me too, and I bet early and got 18.5. I broke my unwritten rule again and felt great all week, because I knew we’d at least cover 18.5. Bet a nickel, 4 on the spread and 1 on the money line.

This is why I say never again will I bet on the Hogs AGAIN. I think I’m getting a great line and just betting a great spread with an unbiased view.

And after the fact, l said OK dumb butt, you posted on here that you knew that Bama was going to annihilate OM (which they did). But couldn’t see that a team as good as Bama (GA) could do the same to the Hogs. Unbiased my butt!

I cannot be unbiased when the Hogs are involved! Now, if I can just remember that the rest of the season.

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I feel you, Harley. I didn’t bet as much, but I felt just as confident. Now we know we are not elite, just very good. I think if you can bet Georgia or Bama at less than 20, you should take them. I know I will.

I had rather have a win against ola ms than the Dawgs or Bama. Somehow, deep down, it just means more. To have a win against Texas and ola ms in the same year is enough to make me delirious.

I bet the Hogs on a regular basis. Outside of the Chad era the Hogs usually do well against the spread. I didn’t think the Hogs would win Saturday but I thought they would at cover 18.5. Still think we win at least 8

I do not bet on sporting events very often. In fact, I almost never gamble. Been to Vegas maybe 6-7 times in the past 30 years but only once during football season and once during basketball season. Put a few bucks on the hogs both times as I recall, but that was more out of just wanting to rather than really analyzing what would likely happen. Seems like I won the football bet. Don’t recall the basketball bet.

If I were in Vegas or at a sports book today, I’d probably bet those Bama & UGA games. Wouldn’t bet against the hogs, but I’d probably be afraid to bet on them to win or cover this week.

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No way I will bet against our Hogs. Bad taste just to think about it, smacks of blood money. The game this week is one of the big ones to me. Texas was the other one.

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