Saturday game time changed

Arkansas and Texas A&M will now play at 11 a.m. tomorrow because of the rain chances in College Station. … ale-texas/


Sounds like another “7” inning game on the road, maybe less.

The game will no longer be on SEC Network, only on SEC Network-Plus.

They should get tonite’s game in, so that would only leave one for tomorrow. Plus, the SEC is allowing an extra day for the final regular season series, so they can use Sunday if needed.

It will be a full nine-inning game.

I’m glad it will be a 9 inning game. Game 3 at Kentucky sure didn’t go our way in 7 innings and if that game would have gone 9 I think the hogs blow that one wide open.

They only play seven innings if the weather forces a doubleheader on the third day, such as happened at Kentucky. This week a fourth day is available if the final game would affect the league standings, so unless somebody gets two rainouts, nobody should be playing any 7-inning games this weekend.

Why would I expect anything different…