Saturday game sold out

All tickets have been sold for Saturday’s game. I’m told the outfield capacity is right at around 3,400, so I suspect that is the number of tickets they have sold in that area.


I don’t have tickets, but I’m thinking about driving up for tomorrow’s game. Think I’ll have any trouble getting 1 or 2 tickets?

8,777 chair back seats if I remember correctly

= 12,177

I always think it’s doable to find one ticket. But I’d be there early. And, I might try to be out at the edge of the parking lots with a sign that says you have never been to a Razorback baseball game and drove 12 hours. That usually does it.

isn’t Sat the worst looking weather day??

They got 13,472 in the park for USC last March. Or so they said.

Arkansas distributed that many tickets, but the actual attendance for the game was in the 10,000 range. There has never been an actual attendance above 13,000 at the ballpark.

Keep in mind there are also 30-plus suites in the stadium that can seat another 1,000 or so.

Do the suites average over 30 seats in each?

I don’t know the exact number of tickets for each suite. I know there are 34 suites, and it looks to me that there is probably room for 20 or more people in each. Plus there is the Hog Heaven section down in front of the press box. My educated guess is that, when full, the suite level can probably accommodate around 1,000 people.

Good idea, Clay. I’m not above a little white lie to get a ticket. :lol:

Yes. It looks like we may be in for a late start on Saturday according to the weather forecast I just saw. Maybe a 2 hour or so delay.