Saturday forecast

There is the potential for heavy rain Saturday.

Hate to hear that. I’d like a nice crowd. Besides, I have thought about coming up for the game. Haven’t been to one all year.

The National Weather Service has actually lowered the chance on Saturday. Still 70% Friday night, but now just a 40% chance on Saturday, primarily before 11:00 am. What hasn’t changed though is the wind forecast. Going to be very windy


wind might not hurt us against them. We’re a power running team. If both teams have trouble throwing, I like our chances.

Even if it rains , the crowd will be good , I believe it’s Homecoming

Oh how I would love to have that forecast here! Two to four inches of rain would be a real God send. That would be so great.

I think a good wind helps us. They have to pass to beat us

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Wind and rain does funny things to the football… I’m not a fan of the rain.

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My favorite game in my short football career was in a driving rain. I was in the 8th grade. It was some small town near LR. I vividly remember being on the bottom of the pile with my face in a mud puddle. It was scary for just a minute. And I didn’t fumble the ball that night. Prob cause I only got 3 carries. I’m not worried about rain Saturday. We’ll have a nice win IMO.

High school football in the rain is fun. We’ll probably see that all over here Friday night.

When I was in college I was a videographer for one of the local TV stations and was sent to shoot a game in Bentonville against a team from Missouri. It was some of the heaviest rain I’ve ever seen, but no lightning, so the game went on.

The newspaper photographer had a shot the next day and you could barely see the players. It probably didn’t turn out much better on the Friday night highlights.

My junior year in high school, we went 11-1-1 with the loss and the tie both coming on our home field (which was Henderson’s stadium). In both cases, the field was a swamp, and the tie (0-0) came when it was pouring into an existing swamp. Fumbles, people slipping in the mud, it could have been a blooper reel either night. The loss came because our all-state linebacker fell down in the mud and missed a key tackle in the state championship game (pre-all final games in WMS).

So now Arkadelphia High has its own stadium on campus, with turf, and Henderson also has turf. I see games from either place and think back to those two games in the mud 46 years ago.

On the 6 o’clock news, Dan Skoff predicted that the most rain would be on Friday.

Maybe we will play at 6pm after all

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Yeah I loved to play in the rain LOL just don’t like for my teams I root for to play in it.
I had my best game ever in the rain when I was a junior. was nothing but a mud hole but had about 18 tackles and got player of the week from the local radio station.
I got a lot of double teams after that LOL

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Looks like Saturday will be fine, partly cloudy with a high of 61

Yeah, 85% Friday, only 25% Sat!
61 for a high. Should be good football weather.

I think rain is always an equalizer. The better team never hopes for variables that can even the playing field. That said, it is what it is.

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Saturday’s forecast is now sunny, high of 61. Winds 5-10 from the west. Just about perfect weather for an afternoon football game


Yeah when I was coaching teams that were not as good as the opponent we were about to play I love to see the rain LOL.
The ball is not the same when you’re playing in rain and mud or on a slick AstroTurf as it is nowadays.

I do recall seeing games in bad conditions when both teams punted on third down – a lot. Just let the other team handle it and hope for the best (which was a fumbled punt, or a mishandled snap, etc.).

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The infamous quick kick was used rain or shine many years ago too.