Saturday Down South raised this question

It’s Burks. I don’t think anyone else could also line up at tailback.

Dicus was the best of his era. Great player.

Alworth was a tailback in college. So I discount him in this discussion.


Jason Peters starting for the Bears today…still earning a paycheck.

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Yep noticed him in there while I was waiting for turkey.

I’d like Kyle Shanahan to design a Burks package like what he does for Debo Samuels now. Seem like similar talents and currently Debo is killing the league from RB/slot/WR.

Burks is the best for all the reasons cited and could really own the record book if he plays 3 seasons. I loved Dicus and Hodge as Joe F targets. Felt like big advantage for us on the field.

My money is on Burks because he’s the total package and more. Hard to find guys with his talent that doesn’t have the out of control ego, arrogance and attitude, NFL coaches will love him. WPS

The night Dicus was traded away or cut from San Diego, he got an in-home visit from the new QB, one Johnny Unitas, who told him he hated to see him go because he really liked the crisp way Dicus ran routes.

Jarius Wright has to be on the list.

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He’s one of the options I listed in OP.

Burks is bigger and more physical than most in this thread. Not many have played long in the NFL. None have stayed healthy. Alworth did, but we are not considering him because he was a tailback at Arkansas.

Derek Russell was the closest to him as far as size and speed.

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I watched all listed. I too have warm feelings when I hear the name Dicus. Anthony Lucas, Bobby Crockett, Adams are a nice second tier.

We’ve never seen the likes of Burks in a Razorback uniform and it’s not close. He’s the real deal. I’m glad I got to watch him playing for us.

It’s Burks.

If he had not gotten hurt I’d pick Childs 2nd over all others I’ve watched which does not include Dicus or Alworth.

Pre 2010 injury against Vanderbilt Childs was a matchup nightmare for any CB

Alworth. Might have played tailback but was one great receiver w chargers

Burks has hands, size, speed.

No Boo Williams? :crazy_face: just kidding

Burks had my vote. There’s nothing like having a player that makes plays even when the defense is setup to slow/shut him down.

I love him even more because I don’t know if he even took an official visit anywhere else. Always a Hog.

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According to 247, he did not take any other visits.

And Boo was pretty darn good. Had a decent four-year run with the Saints and was eventually moved to tight end; 12 NFL TDs.

Boo was good at what he did. A low post wide receiver.

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I think the other consideration in looking at say Dicus, Wright and Burks is to look at the QBs they were working with. Montgomery-Dicus, Mallett/Wilson-Wright, and Jefferson-Burks. Now I like Jefferson, he is only a Soph and continues to improve but I think Dicus and Wright had much more accurate passing QBs. So to me that would give the nod to Burks among those three.

The numbers say otherwise. KJ is completing 66.9% of his passes this year, second best in UA history (and he could break the record with a good bowl game). Bill Montgomery was a 56% passer, never better than 57%. Mallett was 64% in 2010, Tyler Wilson was 63% in 2011.

Dicus was a very precise route runner, but let’s be honest. He was going against slow white DBs running unsophisticated coverages (of course our passing attack was not very sophisticated either). Wright had better quality competition and better defenses to face, and was more comparable.

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Dicus did not face press coverage. That was not happening in the SWC in that era, maybe anywhere in college then.

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