Saturday Down South raised this question

A piece this morning says Burks might be in the running for best Hog receiver ever.

Which got me thinking about that subject. Who is/was the best? Alworth didn’t play WR here so he doesn’t count, although he clearly wins it at the next level.

Childs (please)?
Hamilton, who had the monster night of all monster nights (and it wasn’t against LSU)?
Somebody I’m not thinking of?


I think Burks. I have seen all of those listed.

Marcus Monk, James Shibest, Anthony Eubanks, Derek Russell are others.

Burks is the best, IMO.

Burks is the best I’ve seen. I have to go with Dicus as a distant runner up. Russell was great too.


Burks has the best hands I’ve seen, maybe followed by Shibest. Burks has Hamilton like speed and Joe Adams moves. Yet, he’s of good size, and strong. I’m not aware of another with all those elements playing for Arkansas.

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Burks is the complete package. Size, speed, hands, toughness. Reminds me of Julio Jones. Dicus was always No. 1 on my list, but I think Burks is the best Razorback WR ever.

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Chuck Dicus did and caught everything that came to him from what I recall back in the day. Nor am I sure of Chuck’s stats from back then but can remember every time the ball went to him good things happened. But records are made to be broken.
Burks has the physical,athletic attributes and capabilities and has certainly preformed beyond expectations.
It’s really a tough choice to be fair because IF you were fortunate enough to have witnessed both players in their day yet were able to switch each guy to the others era, possibly not much changes.Both were that good for their time.
But because of being the “latest” on the scene Burks wins.

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Being an old fart I have to also try to decide between Burkes and Dicus. Montgomery to Dicus will always be pleasantly etched into my memory. No question in my mind Burkes is the better athlete–Dicus might have been a better route runner. All elements considered, well, I just don’t want to choose between the two–love them both. Another not mentioned that was very dependable for a while is Keon Hatcher.

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Burks by a landslide. He is only Hawgs player other than McFadden to take over a game even when the other team knows it is coming. No-one can cover him one on one when the game is on the line and he wants the ball. He will be missed more than just as a receiver.


Montgomery to Dicus will always be pleasantly etched into my memory.
Thanks to Keith Jackson and/or Curt Gowdy whose voices I still hear with the fans calling those hogs!

I agree with Colorado…Burks is the best ever. He has it all…size, speed, hands and dominating performances.

When have we ever had a receiver outrun the entire Five Star Bama secondary? Much less one that is north of 220 pounds with hands the size of pizza’s. There is not a debate on who was the best running back with the Hogs or now the best receiver.


Back when we had the big three of Adams, Childs, and Wright, I always thought Jarius had the best potential for the NFL because of how clean his routes were. He was going to be where he was supposed to be no matter what.

That being said, it’s hard to argue against Burks.

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Since we are not counting Alworth, there’s no doubt Burks is the best. If he can stay healthy (he’s been hurt a few times here), Burks will also be the best NFL WR that played WR for the Hogs. He has size, speed, and hands that are perfectly suited for the NFL.

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Jerry Lamb not have the stats?

Burks over Dicus.

Burks for sure.J Wright was very good as well.

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There may well be two Hogs in the HOF who changed positions after college. Remember Jason Peters was a tight end when he left here. I suspect he’ll get the yellow jacket for his work as an offensive tackle. And of course Alworth went from RB to WR.

Matt Jones, however, will not make Canton.

My years May betray me

But as much as Burks is the best in this century Bambi I think produced more for his team in his era and everyone tried to shut him down like they do Burks today

So it’s Dicus overall all time for me

Burks is amazing