Saturday Down South picks Hogs...

to win the SEC West in their annual “10 bold predictions for the SEC West.” I like the way they think. They also pick us to beat LSU for the third year in a row. … west-2016/

Possible as is about anything in the SEC (see 4th & 25, 20 yd lateral to AC!), and I like their thinking. TCU and A&M loom huge. Wins those and stay healthy, then who knows, but it is at least possible which is more than we have been able to say in a long time.

Fun read, but this is a dubious list to be on. SDS gets it wrong most of the time (as do most) in their pre-season prognostications. Winning the west is a stretch, but we do seem to have LSU’s number lately.

Get us to Bama 5-0 and I’ll take our chances.