Saturday Dec 7th Coaching Search Thread

Is this it… last thread?

No, won’t hear anything until tomorrow, but our guy IS coaching today

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I really hope you are correct baked!!:boar:

Yes, but is he a HC?

I bet you don’t park

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Shhhhhh…don’t give it away

Why is that? Not following

Read what Jackson said and think about the names that have been mentioned with our job that fits what we both said.

Making it sound like Pittman.

Got that. I’m asking about the “I bet you don’t park” to my first post on this thread. I guess you mean I won’t be happy about it

Sent you a pm explaining what I meant

Yes, that’s what I meant

Im repeating a post I made earlier

Here’s how I’m gonna look at it………

If we spend $4-5 mm to get an experienced leader who can hire a great staff & bring national attention to our program, then I’m going to continue to buy 6 club seats + Jerry World and drink all the red coolaide I can find.

If we end up with a 1st time HC or young up & comer who has great potential, then I will feel like HY & BOT didn’t go all in and do what they should have done. I will not renew my seats and I will relegate myself to being a Hogfan and watch all the games from my home theater down here in Houston. I won’t carry the passion that I’ve had for 57 years. I will be passive and watch, but my interest will drift. I will always have the razorback blood but I won’t have the fire as I will feel that we didn’t give it our all.

My opinion is that only a “splash hire” has the chance to pull us out of the “ditch” that BP put us in, and that nobody else has been able to pull us out of. A young up & comer will need lots of time and patients from the Hog Nation…which it won’t be in today’s I want it now society. If we spend the money, then we can for sure say we went all in and gave it our best shot. If we don’t, then we know we settled for a bet on potential and that the PWTB are telling us to sit back and wait for the future to get better.

I’ll wait, but will be a passive watcher. I will scream and root hard for BB & Baseball (Now my favorite Hog sport). My passion for Razorback Football will wither away until the day we have something to be proud of.

I’ll add that if I’m HY and it’s the BOD’s fault, I’d resign.

What time does the game start. that our coach is coaching in :grinning:

What’s his name?

Is this cut in stone? WPS

I believe so, but we will see

Can you PM me :grinning:

And trust me, I hope I’m wrong

Hugh Freeze is suddenly sounding better my the minute

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