Saturday D1B bracketology

Alabama is the last team in after bid theft by Rider and a couple of others. The Long Beach State Dirtbags are the first team out.

Other items of note:

Again an SEC team in the regional opposite ours, but now it’s Alabama. They have Southern Miss as the 16 seed, in spite of La Tech eliminating them in the C-USA tournament. LaTech plays ODU today in the C-USA tournament final. ODU and LaTech are both projected as 2 seeds but neither one expected to host (ODU didn’t even bid).

If the chalk holds, our bracket in Omaha would be us, Arizona (revenge for the softball team?), Tennessee and Stanford. It won’t hold, of course. The other bracket would be Vandy, Texass, Notre Dame and TCU.

Fayetteville regional is Okie Lite as the 2 and Indiana State as the 3. But they also have ORU in our regional as the 4; I guess this update was before ORU lost in the Summit final to the NoDakState Bizon (misspelling intentional; it’s how they pronounce it). ORU is not getting an at-large. Will they send the Bizon to Fedvul? Maybe.

SEC teams: Hogs, Vandy, EOE, Moo U, Rebnecks and Wallets hosting. Ocean Scum as the 3 in Hattiesburg, if somebody doesn’t steal their bid. Corndogs as the 3 in Austin. Poultry as the 2 at Notre Dame. Georgia as the 3 in Lubbock.

There are 13 tournament finals today. The American final is two teams that won’t get in if they don’t win today, Central Florida and South Florida. I don’t see that a spot has been held for either one of those in this bracket, so Bummer may be a tad nervous. With good reason.

I think the SoMiss projection was before LaTech eliminated them

I watched some of that second game last night. La Tech blew a lead in top of ninth, was down 5-2 with A2 outs in the bottom, and managed to come back and win in 10 innings.

there’s a lot of speculation that ODU might be the 1 seed at Columbia (USC-e hosting as a 2)

Kendall Rogers tweeted that they’ll have another update this morning. Will be interesting to see how they put in Fayetteville in ORU’s place.

I’ve seen some of the speculation of ODU as a 1 seed in Columbia. They might be playing for that against LaTech today,

And, right on cue, it’s out.

Ruston is now a host site and paired with Fayetteville. LSU is the 3 in the Ruston regional. And Okie Lite is the 2.

The new Fayetteville lineup: AZState as the 2, Pitt as the 3, Norfolk State as the 4.

Old Dominion is listed as hosting, which we know ain’t gonna happen. Gonzaga and Molester State are sent to the mythical ODU regional.

Tennessee is now the 2 seed, followed by Texass, Vandy, Arizona, Notre Dame, TCU and Moo U.

And Alabama is not in the field.

They are showing ODU as the #1 seed but IN Spokane

They just changed that. Kendall told me on Twitter their auto generator put the regional in Norfolk. Heckuva road trip for a 1 seed. Spokane is 2200 air miles from Norfolk.

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Yeah not much reward there
Except playing a 4 first game, which is not insignificant

No kidding. If they gave us Norfolk State, the Spartans would be the second worst team by RPI (#260) we’ve played all year, Only UAPB is worse, and not by much. Boyd’s World has their RPI number at 0.438. Ours is 0.636, which is .030 higher than Vandy.

That bracket would put us in the CWS half with Vandy and MSU


Again, if chalk holds, and if they are right

OMG. I might need to wear my AzState gear. Although my friend is boycotting his alma mater until they get rid of their coach.

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D1Baseball has their projected Field of 64.

I don’t understand why #1 Arkansas has a top 25 team in their bracket (ASU) and many of the others don’t. Of course, once the final 64 are announced it might be different.

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Old Dominion beat Tech at Ruston to win that tournament. Will Tech still get to host? I doubt it.

EDIT: Yep. Tech is hosting at the Love Shack.

If there are 16 hosts and 25 ranked teams, that means nine ranked teams are going to be 2 seeds. The deal with AZ State is that all the Western regionals are going to be in Pac-12 ballparks except Spokane, and it appears ODU will be the 1 seed there. The Devils can’t be sent to a Pac-12 regional. They could go to Fort Worth or Austin or Lubbock too. Or Gainesville or South Bend for that matter. All this is a guess.

USCe is hosting-makes sense that they would be a 2 and ODU the 1.

I could see us opposite them (but more likely La Tech or USM) as a supers opponent.

This must have changed, watching TCU and Oklahoma State play and they just ran across the regional hosts and it had Pittsburgh hosting as well as southern Miss and that’s hard to believe because southern Miss lost a doubleheader yesterday and Pittsburgh has been horrible the last 2 or 3 weeks… but that’s exactly what the screen was showing

They’re not hosting. That was the 20 potential host sites from before the announcement. Gonzaga, Pitt, SoMiss and one other that escapes me missed the cut.

Oh ok… I was wondering what they were showing,was on the phone when it scrolled across and didn’t catch those were potential sites.

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