Saturday crowd…

I was so impressed with the crowd last Saturday. They disrupted LSU several times. We need this to continue against the Rebnecks. Their go fast offense needs disrupting all night. I’d love to be there but can’t. Crowd…you’ve been challenged.

Crowd was a factor. Brian Kelly mentioned the atmosphere in his post game conference. Kudos and more needed this Saturday. Playing in Columbia MO will be the opposite of last Saturday and harder to win if we need number 6 then.

Last time I was in COMO the stands at Faurot Field were maybe a third full, if that. I bought tickets on the secondary market on the 50 yard line (for less than face value) and there was no one within 15 feet of me. We lost anyway, but it wasn’t because of crowd intimidation.

Yes, that was the afternoon that the Bielema regime started spiraling down the tubes. Blew a big halftime lead at Misery, blew a big lead in the bowl game, went 4-8 the next season, and he was fired 52 weeks later coming off the field after the Misery game.

The Swine is spot on here…they aren’t supported unless having a good season.

Missouri probably won’t have more than 35,000-40,000 there for the Arkansas game.

It was a great crowd Saturday for the LSU game. From my seat, every section looked full with the exception of the three student-section areas on the upper-east side.

It is not the crowd support, it is playing in nearly empty stadium in likely cold weather . Your motivation has to be all internal.

Another issue, it is day after Thanksgiving and students won’t be there.