Saturday 10-15 Arkansas Basketball Practice...

Everybody practiced except for Forrest City freshman Robert Glasper, who dislocated his shoulder last Saturday and who has been sidelined since then. He is expected back in a a few days.

The Razorbacks went through a two-hour workout that included a lenthy scrimmage at the end.

The Red team downed the White 64-52 in a series of 3-minute sessions.

Red team consisted of Anton Beard, Daryl Macon, Moses Kingsley, Manny Watkins, Arlando Cook and CJ Jones, who also played some for the White

The White squad had Dusty Hannahs, Bracken Hazen, Dustin Thomas, Adrio Bailey, Trey Thompson and Jaylen Barford.

You should not take assumptions from those guys playing together as Coach Anderson rotates guys every day to make sure they all play with different combos.

Hannahs was on fire both from long distance and with his runners while Kingsley Macon, Jones and Hazen also shot the ball well.

Barford can get to the rack anytime he wants to with the NBA body, but Arkansas also had some guys in Kingsley, Thompson, Cook, Bailey and Hazen - who are not letting him come in there without some pain.

Thomas, Cook, Kingsley, Hazen and Thompson all crashed the board well in that order.

I just love the way Dustin Thomas crashed the boards. It will get him a lot of time at the 4, something that he knows is his best fit after playing a lot of 3 at Colorado.

He is easily the biggest surprise for me behind Jones’ emergence.

Jones is so gifted offensively - which is great to start with. Still need to improve his shot selection, learn when to pass up his shot for a better one and certainly get better on defense, but his potential seems unlimited.

This team APPEARS to be so much better defensively from watching them in Spain and the three practices that I have been to now.

Arkansas commits Daniel Gafford and Darious Hall were there as well as 2018 prospect D.J. Weaver from Texas.

I love the report Dudley, thanks for passing on your notes. This team should be much much improved from last year. I am really looking forward to seeing the new guys and how Thomas play this year. Sounds like he is really owning the 4 spot and making it his own. Thinking about traveling up to watch the Red White game this upcoming weekend.

The note about Barford is the most encouraging IMO

Encouraging report I can’t wait to see how they perform against a team assembled other than theirselves.