Just read an article (didn’t link because I think that is against the rules) that says three recruiting experts are predicting him to flip to us. Haven’t seen anything on this board, maybe I missed it. Any word Insiders?

I can’t say whether he will flip to Arkansas, but I will say that I watch every game he plays and he has gotten a lot better this year.

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I think there’s a possibility.

Was this the article… its down a bit to the prediction part…

Two sport athlete?

Yes, that is the article

Didn’t his father get a job as a coach at Oregon?

Not that I’m aware of.

Hmmmm, interesting.

Not the only WR we’ll get that’s a 4*, we’ll get another high school guy in this class to go along with McAdoo.

I looked at Mario Sategna’s Twitter feed and all he’s tweeting is stuff about his kid. No evidence that he has a job anywhere. Seems to be just watching his son play.


Keep going……

how solid?we’re his 3rd team…glad to have him but wondering

I was thinking the same thing. We’re really close to the early signing period though, so hope he plans on signing early.

My mistake then. Thought I read that back when he committed to O.

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