Sategna wins Fastest at All star game

Cannot wait to see this young man lineup next year, can just imagine him in the slot he can flat out fly!!!


Officials need to be on the alert for holding calls. Defensive backs will be desperate to grab at him when he makes that double move and takes off. Just gone. Bet he can beat Foucha and Brooks :grinning:.


He can flat out fly… I would guess upper 4.3s low 4.4s the good thing is the article went on to say catches everything.
KJ throws as good a deep ball as anybody I’ve seen


The type of player that keeps the safeties well off the LOS.


He should get a shot to make an immediate impact. I hope he can show it on the field.

He didn’t play as much as I thought he would, only had one ball thrown to him in the game it was 10 yards over his head…QB play was not very good in that game at all Mbake caught two or three balls for about 20 yd.