Sategna puts state records in danger

I remember growing up and seeing his state record in the long jump. I thought it was amazing that he jumped that far in the 30’s.

Yeah I was going to mention Win Whipple. At that time top athletes, especially from south Arkansas, were more likely to go to LSU or Tulane or Bama than they were to go to UA, and he was one of those who left. Also note that the record jump of 24-0 was probably actually 24-6; he went out the end of the pit and was credited only with the end of the pit distance of 24-0.

Pretty crazy to think how far he could jump today with better coaching and training.

I’ve heard a story of Whipple and a friend listening to the 1936 Olympics on the radio in Arkadelphia as Whipple was dying of cancer. It was not too farfetched to think a healthy Whipple could have made the US team alongside Jesse Owens.

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Keeping my fingers crossed that Isaiah sticks to Track&Field and not play football. He has a great future in T&F.

He could be another Marquise Goodwin too. NFL wide receiver and Olympic long jumper.

Sategna is already a 4-star football recruit from 247.

Sure. I am just being selfish about USA in International T&F. I want to keep USA on top and feel like Isaiah can help.

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