Sategna no longer coaching Arkansas track team

Interesting development while his son makes a college decision. I am not sure how to interpret this.

I want Isaiah to goon a track scholarship, but I am sure he is going to choose football.

Where Mario goes next will give us a clue on what and where Isaiah is going to go,

Any thoughts Matt?

Isaiah has already committed to Texas A&M for both sports. As for Mario’s next move, I’ve heard some things since we became aware of this today, but nothing I feel comfortable reporting.

I missed that,

Aloha Matt,

Why quit the team now, right before Regional and NCAA Meets?

UA…Campus of Champions

FHS Head Coach Casey Dick probably hates to hear this as much as anyone.

I suppose the whole family is moving.

Gosh, I hope it wasn’t the thread on the track team today that drove him to this :innocent:

Reading the article in today’s paper about this, it appears this was not a routine resignation, some things happened.

It’s not your fault. Ha. Worry about something else.

The article that ran in the newspaper is the same one I have linked.

From what I’ve been told, no decision has been made about where Isaiah will play next year.

Sorry. Failed to notice that.

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