Sategna highlights

I had read that Sategna was a long strider, so I assumed he was a straight-line speed kind of guy, but he seems to change direction pretty well and looked to be elusive.

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He reminds me so much of Jarius Wright! Long legs and a blazer when running!

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Would have to assume that he is committed to T&F.


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It’s no coincidence that before us he was committed to Oregon, the other mega track school. He wants to do both.

Knowing that he is an elite T&F prospect, I was wondering about his potential absence from spring football practice and how that might affect his football progress.

No need to miss spring practice. He will be through with spring ball in mid April and have two months to focus solely on track (SEC, NCAA regionals and NCAA Nationals). He might also do indoor track before spring ball.

Well he probably won’t be filling out getting much if any bigger. Those track dudes stay in prime lean shape.

yeah but Davonta Smith proved you can be a pencil and write BIG checks! no excuse for him not be an impact player next yr.

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No doubt about that

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