Sat game

Since it is a neural site, anybody know, which unis will we wear Sat, White or Red?

I think we’re visitors so I assume red.

We are the visitors this year so we will wear our red road unis

What do you mean we are the visitor’s this year?

Our game with OU is not the SEC - Big12 challenge game

I wished we would wear red throwback unis from 1994, like our white uniforms we wear some.


Just like the Texas A&M neutral-site football game, there is a home team and a visitor each year in the OU series. Oklahoma is the designated home team this year.

Matt, do you know if Arkansas is getting a share of the ticket revenue for this game?

There are way too many redactions in that contract to know what’s going on for sure. My educated opinion is BOK Center keeps the ticket proceeds and pays each team a pre-negotiated rate to play each game there.

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Do I remember correctly that it’s a four-year contract?

Any idea what they will do if OU starts playing an SEC schedule before the end of it? Would that just nullify it, or do you think they might still play it as a designated non-conference game?

It is a two-year contract that began last year when the game was canceled due to covid. There is an option to extend the extend the series by two years. Time will tell if that happens.

I think a designated nonconference game is unlikely. If we don’t get them as a conference home-and-home, I guess you could play neutral site SEC games, the same way as the A&M football series has been, although that would be unusual.

Probably, though, they’ll just nullify the contract. Or let it lapse after next year, since it doesn’t appear OU will be in the SEC by then.

It would potentially lapse after this year, not next year. This is technically Game 2 of the contract, even though Game 1 never occurred.

The schools have until March to decide whether they want to extend the series in Tulsa.

Don’t I remember that when we joined the SEC, our first basketball SEC schedule was a year before we played our first SEC football schedule? basketball - 1991/92 and football 1992.

Yes, football was the last sport to compete in the SWC. I think I’ve read that the terms with the SWC stated football had to give a two-year notice, while it was one year for other sports.

Doesn’t look like the Orphan Eight has a similar rule.

If it’s gonna be 24 before they can get out they may well extend the Tulsa deal for two years.

Does the SEC have any control over this?

I’m not sure I understand what you’re asking. The game contract is between the two schools and BOK Center.

I am in the arena. It is definitely a home game foe us.

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Renewing into the time frame they are in the sec.

I don’t know the answer, but I doubt Oklahoma is playing SEC basketball within the next two seasons. I think 2024-25 is probably the earliest you will see the Sooners in the league.

On our podcast this week, either Bob or Scottie mentioned that this game was the idea of Lon Kruger. It will be interesting to see if either head coach has interest in playing in Tulsa again.