Anyone hear any news on Sasha. I know Mike has said the door is open. But I have not heard her ever say she is thinking of coming back. Am I wrong? Thoughts?

I want whats best for her. Trust me.

But if she were healthy and came back, that would be the best recruit Mike could go get.

Been quiet for months. I think she mentioned she would consider it if they could get things under control for her to physically be able too! Just not sure if that has happened yet Hogmaestro. Truly a sad situation for such a good kid!

She battled thorough with the medical
Issue like a warrior the first year! I hope she gets healthy! If she’s able to play fine but if not that’s ok too. We all know she is a hog!

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I am still holding out hope she plays again, Robbie.
She has a lot of grit to her game, and we desperately need that.

I am not reading anything that would indicate she will return, She loves the game and MN should be commended for continuing her scholarship and her participation in team activities. The attributes that make her such an exciting player are the ones that are counterproductive to returning. I doubt that she can turn off that inner drive and grit that led to her medical problem. Otherwise, I guess we will see if her improvement causes her to test the waters.

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It’s my understanding her medical problem (gastroparesis) had nothing to do with her inner drive and grit. Causes are unknown but very difficult for those that have this issue.

I pray she gets this disease behind her and lives a productive happy life.

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my new wife has gastroparesis and her drs tell her it cannot be cured, and not controlled totally. there are experimental procedures and she is seeing a dr at uams end of may to see if she qualifies. we have been to emergency room twice in the last 3 weeks. she has lost 18 lbs in the last month. i feel for the player, as far as playing again, not sure about that. all i know is it is miserable for anyone who has this.

Very sorry she is experiencing the symptoms from this delibating condition. Hopefully, she will find a therapeutic regime that gives her relief and allows her to regain her health status.

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LD, your correction of what I badly stated is appreciated. Her reported history with gastroparesis from onset of her symptoms was one of difficulty in balancing her athletic commitment with the effects on her emotional and physical well being. The last public information I am aware of was interview in Ft.Smith. This report indicated she was much improved physically while limiting basketball activity to a non playing role. Here’s the article.

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I just miss watching her play, but I bet she misses playing way more.
The situation is just cruel.


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