Sasha Goforth to Oregon State

Somewhat surprised, but not shocked.

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Is there any back story to this? Having no inside info at all, on the surface, this just seems strange. Did Sasha grow up in Arkansas or the Fayetteville area? Does she or the family have West Coast, Oregon, or Oregon St school ties? Maybe ties to the Oregon St coach? Seems like a head scratcher to me, especially with the recruiting success our new Ladies head coach has had since he arrived.

Back in the fall: rates Goforth the No. 12 prospect nationally in the 2020 class. While she’s grown up in Arkansas, Goforth said she doesn’t feel much pressure to stay in-state.

“My dad went to Texas and Stanford for his Masters,” she said. “My family isn’t one of those all out Razorback fans. If they’re playing on TV or something we would be cheering, but we’re not like all out crazy like ‘Go Hogs’.”

Thanks. I realize OR St’s been good, not great, the last few years. It wouldn’t have surprised me if she’d committed to UConn, Notre Dame, South Carolina, Miss ST, or TX A&M, which are all a big step up from Oregon St. Oh well, I’m a bit disappointed, but glad she’s not going to an SEC team.

Oregon St got that bag for Womens hoops.

I think it’s all about that muffed foul ball…

Well this really stinks but just glad she is headed to the far Northwest and not another SEC school. Really thought we had a shot but clearly based on some of her comments she doesn’t have any so-called loyalty, passion or drive toward the Hogs. I don’t mean that in a bad way. She would have been huge for CMN and team but on to the next one that want to be a part of what he is building.

Now we are on a streak of 3 in losing top national college basketball prospects from Arkansas. Malik Monk, Chrysten Williams and now Sasha.

We can break the streak with Moses Moody. I felt hopeful about this when the previous staff was here. I just don’t know enough about what the new staff has done with Moses to know how to feel now.

When I saw the title I thought this was a grad transfer that Muss had offered.

Oh well, she may get homesick way out there and want to come back. :frowning:

Those close to the Fayettville HS program were not surprised.

I heard a while back she was headed West.

All the best to Sasha.

Women’s basketball recruiting is not something to worry about with Neighbors here. He will get more than he loses.