Sasha Goforth entering the portal

Leaving OSU to play ‘closer to home’. :grinning:

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I’ve been to Corvallis. I’d be getting out of there too.

Would Neighbors be interested in Goforth? She stiffed him once already.

Yes, she turned us down, but it seems that many find it difficult to accept why some young people who grow up in the shadow of Old Main want to have a different experience. We use Fayetteville and NW Arkansas as a magnet for many kids, the NW Arkansas kids have already had the opportunity to enjoy the area. All this said, I know she is a very talented player, but with Eaton and Jersey coming in to our roster, do we already have a lot of similar players to give minutes?

Yes. It’s not every day a 5-star McDonald’s American who averaged 12pts a game as a freshman shows up on your doorstep. When it happens you make room.


It’s not about pride silly. It’s about winning. SMH

Hope that Sasha comes aboard. It would be great to see her in a Hog uniform. I remember watching her highlight video from high school and lamenting that she hadn’t signed with the Hogs. I suppose we cannot blame her for wanting to get out of town when everyone in the country is recruiting you - that is an exciting time.

feels like a Gary Blair kind of deal to me… More help inside to facilitate Goforth game. I’d bet Slocum will be an important sounding board for the final decision.

You take her in a heartbeat.


A six foot guard with her skills, of course CMN would take her. With aTm making their run in the Tourn that’s probably our biggest competition to get her.

Is she interested in coming back to UA?

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