Sardis, Mississippi for KJ Jefferson's announcement

Who rates him as a 4 star??? Everywhere I looked he’s a 5.6/3 star.

CBS Sports Network national recruiting analyst Tom Lemming … all-20180/

Tom Lemming is as good as it gets in the business, too.

He will be a 4 star by the time he signs. he hasnt even been rated by all of the big recruiting sites yet. His film clearly shows a 4 star talent.

Richard, i hope you have time to participate in some crappie fishing while in Sardis, fishing over there will spoil a man…

We got him…so awesome!!! Great news for the Hogs!!!

So is it ok for us to sign him or should we keep on looking?

The kid is the real deal. He already has great “touch” on his passes. The only question mark in my mind would be the level of competition he has faced in HS.

I’m glad we got him. Who are the QB’s we are gonna lose?

Im sure Elmo would have a problem with us signing any player that is not a 5 star.

Elmo just tickles me to death. Woo pig! :smile:

Elmo is… whatever.

Sometimes there are just no words!


I’m not so sure he will not be a 5 before he is finished. Man, he looks so good and is what we need. Of course, since he said Ar, he will probably go down