Santos said he thinks Montaric

will play on special teams this weekend. Would be an interesting turn of events. I’d figured he would redshirt.

kickoff coverage team could probably use the help, and we are still looking for a punt returner, but man I wish he had a full year to get stronger and mature a bit.

His speed and physicality makes him a good special team candidate no doubt, but I was like you in thinking he would RS.

PHYSICALITY??? Really? He has not played a down of D-1 football and you refer to him as “physical”…that remains to be seen whether his level of play at Ashdown HIGH SCHOOL converts to D=1 football muchless SEC football… I thought he definitely needed to redshirt based on his size… we lost 1/4 of the season by NOT redshirting…

Bielema made a reference during his radio show before the TCU game that they were still working through a couple of final hoops before he was eligible to play, even though he had qualified to enroll. I’m not sure he was eligible to play until last week, at the earliest.

Staff grabbing for straws in year 5


Yes, he’s very physical. Have you seen his HS film? I did think he would RS because he arrived late and missed all of summer workouts and like most freshmen S I thought he needed time in the weight room. He’s obviously done well in practice to gain the trust of the coaches. We all saw how important special teams are on Sat.

What the @# does year 5 have to do with anything? ???
U do realize they lose players that graduated right?
That they have to get different ones who are young right?
Year 1,3,7 mean nothing at all especially at a school like arkansas that does not have a built in recruiting base

Do u realize how few numbers there were in year 1 or 2?

Do u know arkansas has about 7 D players
The following schools see. To have more.
GA 25
Miss 29
Missouri is about as bad as we are but they have St Louis which produces more
We have LR yeah.

That my silly friend is a hell of a bell curve!

Move on to your next complaint this one’s getting old

I guess I don’t follow. Not much the coaching staff can do to rush along the eligibility process.


I particularly savor complaints about playing…or not playing for that matter…a kid that no one on this board has ever seen play against college competition. At least Richard is well versed in Brown’s skill set from high school. If RD says he’s physical, I believe him.

Physicality has alot to do with with physics and knowing how…intuitively…to create leverage and power from speed.

I watched his tapes and thought he’d play significant minutes at safety until he couldn’t get cleared. The kid will probably…note I said probably since I too haven’t seen him vs. college competition…be the first stud safety we have had since the Hamlin/Kennedy/Bua lineage.

I think Paul Rhoades would be the best person to get the right opinion on this. If Mr Brown is being considered to play anywhere on the field now it is due to our DC wanting him there & believes/knows he will make a difference.

Any kind of play now, special teams or defense, helps get this freshman used to the level of play in the SEC. I don’t think it’s grasping at straws or sad in any way. Actually, it’s great that he can get on the field and begin his college career.

We have basically a junior/senior starting secondary with one exception but if Brown can actually get some playing time beyond mop up (dare I say) then play him. If all he’s going to do is play on special teams it sure seems a waste… there has to be more mature/ready talent that can play on special teams (please be true). We threw away Morgan’s fifth year for nothing and he would have been a great help this year on the receiving side.

Nine games of special teams is not “nothing.” Just maybe if he’d been on kickoff coverage Saturday then Christian Kirk doesn’t take it 100 yards to the house and we win the game. Would that have been worth burning your precious 'shirt?

While I figured he would redshirt due to his late arrival, Montaric Brown is indeed a physical player.

Will that translate to college? I guess we are about to see.

You can’t play until you are cleared. He apparently now is.

Scoota Harris is a much better player this year because of the snaps he got late last season.

We still have 75% of our season remaining. We still need talented
players to step up on special teams. I shudder to think of how
many of our losses in the last four and a quarter years can be directly
tied to poor special team play. This needs to get fixed.
I sure hope Montaric lives up to his rating. If he does, he just might
be a game changer and by extension a season changer.

I am excited. I am always excited on the day before my Hogs take
the field. I drink my Razorback kool-aid and I believe we will somehow
win. Obviously, I am disappointed way too often. I go for a walk.
I gaze into the heavens hoping to gain some solace. I return and
tell my wife that we may only win two more games in the whole
season. By Thursday or Friday, I am thinking our team is angry
enough and determined enough and the coaches have made some
key adjustments and we will be victorious this time. Rinse and repeat.

I’m as tired of losing as anyone but some of you need to change your signature lines to “in year 5”.

No one is burning my shirt. And of all the words describing something about this team, precious wouldn’t be one of them; but it seems natural coming from you.