Santa Clara wins NCAA Women’s Soccer Championship

They’re the ones that ousted the Hogs in the Round of 16. What could’ve been.

At least we lost to eventual champions like men’s basketball. Some consolation in that.

Santa Clara was the 11 seed. So much for seeding. You wonder what would have happened if we’d had the non-pandemic format where we were playing at Razorback Field instead of Cary, NC.

Sorry for my ignorance. Does that mean they were “an 11 seed” (like the basketball NCAA’s) or THE 11th seed (only 10 teams seeded better.) If the latter, while still a miss on the seeding, that would be like a 3 seed winning the basketball tournament. Not outlandish. If the former, then major upset.

The 11th seed overall. There were 48 teams in the tournament. Top 16 got a bye into second round. Nobody else was seeded. We were the #6 overall.

That’s probably as big an upset as there’s been in the College Cup in a while. USC was the 2 seed in it’s regional in 2016 but that would still be top 8. Most of the other champs I see were 1 seed in their region.

Glad to see Santa Clara won it all!

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