Santa Clara whipped UNC 3-1 in soccer

The team that eliminated Arkansas will play Florida State for the natty. FSU needed penalty kicks to beat Virginia in the semifinal.

They are a darn good team…won’t feel bad losing to them if they win the Natty!

they live on the edge, but make the play especially defense just in time and then get the counterattack going quickly.

Sure is a beautiful area they reside in. Had extended time on a few business trips and I loved the sunshine, flowers and the ‘natural’ beauty. Stanford, Palo Alto area sure nice weather wise. A bunch of warped folks in the general population. Smart people can be stupid when it comes to understanding supply and demand and how it relates to pricing. So many beautiful campus locations in a hundred mile radius.

Estimated population of the Bay Area is about 8 million people. I think there are enough people there for Stanford and Cal and USCF and USF and Santa Clara and a few others to co-exist nicely. Not to mention those first two attract students from all over the world. And the presence of all those schools has a lot to do with the economic boom in that area, just as Texass has helped trigger the exponential growth of the Austin area.

Amazing factoid on the population. I had no idea it was that high. A saw a lot of Porches, Beamers and Mercedes.

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