Sankey supports 3rd paid assistant coach

Check out the article linked in this tweet. There are many advantages to a third paid assistant coach, especially to that coach. If paid, he would be allowed to recruit. Recruiting is so important to the future employment of any coach and there is no way to currently determine if the “volunteer” coaches are good recruiters.

The larger conferences are in favor of paying the third assistant. SEC, ACC and Big12 will go for it. Baseball loses quite a bit of money at most other places. The SEC is spending lots of money on baseball, so I would think that paying a third coach would appeal to all schools in the nation’s best baseball league.

The Big Ten is against the third assistant, which doesn’t really make sense given the revenue the Big Ten Network generates. A recent internal vote of Big Ten ADs found that they are going to oppose it 13-1, with the Rutgers AD (of all people) being the holdout, according to reports.

I think the SEC, ACC and Big 12 probably will support this unanimously. I’m not sure about the Pac-12, or whether Colorado would get a vote on this given that it doesn’t have a baseball team.

EDIT: This does not appear to be a Power Five vote, but all of Division I.