Sankey: "Running out of time" to deal with virus

And the level of concern for having a season at all is “high to very high”.

I personally see no reason to play college football in the fall. Can someone explain to me why football could not be delayed until the spring? If there is talk of modifying schedules, why could the SEC and other Power 5 conferences wait and play when spring practices would be taking place?

COVID is at its worst point in the US. I won’t get into the “why” on this board. But that it is is a fact. Its not a damn hoax. If I hear THAT one more time I may explode. I know too many people–one on a ventilator–that would argue about that point.

The truth is its not safe right now to try to have football. I am nervous enough about having to have CHOIR. Play football and basketball and baseball concurrently in the spring. It can be done.


Hadn’t thought about that maestro. What College of Chas doing to prepare for that?

I hate to agree with you, but I think reason needs to prevail. We live in Fayetteville and are concerned when these young people arrive here for classes. The virus has been spreading around here rapidly and they probably will not be as careful as they should be.

As you should be. The thought of what happens when singing (and when calling the Hogs) is scary. That seems like the definition of how the virus could be spread.

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Yes the Big 10 and ND would be a nightmare weather wise and how do you schedule around baseball, softball, and basketball. It would be a nightmare especially at Arkansas!

With almost half the students coming in from TX in almost 4 weeks where Covid is our of control & surging, unrealistic to not expect a campus outbreak.

Hopefully UofA & other schools will require that all students & faculty be tested & show proof of being Covid free prior to arrival & move-in for Fall classes. Not easy to enforce with Fall rush & off campus students. Most colleges are requiring masks be worn to classes & on campus, but UofA has yet to implement that rule.

And it isn’t under control in NWA.

NASCAR and the PGA are running with no fans. Is that a possibility? Right now football looks sketchy.

But lives are more important than sports. The sun has come up every morning with no baseball or March Madness. I think it will rise with no football.

NFL & pro sports are possible with some level of quarantine.

Less likely for college campuses unless players are kept under quarantine. If & when on-campus classes revert to off-campus remote, players could stay & remain isolated on campus, study remotely, practice & play football as long as the players from ours & other schools follow the same quarantine & Covid testing rules. That at least gets the athletic dept. needed tv revenues.

Assume SEC ADs will visit options this week & decide.

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This a very serious situation for League Commissioners, AD’s, and Colleges.
How to know what is the right decision. Just play it safe and cancel the season until further notice, play limited / conference only schedule now, postpone the season to spring?

As of now the College of Charleston, along with USC and Clemson and other state universities, are planning to start classes remotely on Aug. 24, and stay that way til Sept. 15…when we go live.

If we ever actually go live, I will teach my two academic classes remotely (all are working with me since Mary will be weak for awhile)…and do my choirs OUTSIDE! Under huge oak trees and a tent in the Cistern…

We shall see what actually happens. The college kids just came to town in numbers…my money is there will be another spike in all university cities. Hope I’m wrong.

My wife has strong reservations that covid will almost magically disappear after the Nov. election and I’m inclined to agree.

I doubt those people in the hospitals and morgues are there because of their political views.


I’ll just ignore this post. Gracious.

EDIT: Actually, I’d like to hear the rationale behind this. Maybe I will learn something. Fire away.

Patients may not be infected as a result of politics, but decisions regarding COVID management, communication to the public, and reporting of the pandemic has been very political. The politics involved in this pandemic has been unlike anything I’ve seen in my medical career. Even a drug that has proven effective as a early treatment has been politicized.
It’s easy to see why most people hear one perspective or the other and assume that viewpoint has a political motive behind it.

I agree. However, the comment implied the disease will go away after the election—suggesting it is way overblown

As a doctor, is it proper to say a drug (presumably hydroxychloroquin) is an efficacious Covid-19 treatment when the literature and the medical community says it’s not? There are many good therapeutics. But this stuff doesn’t work.

I’ll hang up and listen.

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I think the suggestion is that coverage of the virus will change.

Whose coverage?