Sankey finally admits Auburn gaff

May get full time refs now that TX & OK are coming. Plus a little respect given to AR by analyst.

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Good that he confessed their mistake. However, no indication on what the league is going to do to remedy or prevent reoccurring calls like that. I have family that are in the officiating profession. Started at the high school level, then college and now the NFL. Some who have performed at the highest level of competency in the NFL by calling 2 Super Bowls. So what does that mean. Insights that have been shared with me on the grading of officiating calls and officials. Comparisons of how they are graded in the B12 vs SEC. Doesn’t mean I know it all. However, the B12 has had a system of grading patterned after the NFL where every call is graded and downgrades occur which if enough continued downgrades a official can be suspended, call lower league games to correct deficiencies, or be fired . The SEC has had a makeshift system of grading with some good ole boy biases that have kept many inept officials still officiating. On the horrendous call vs Auburn after much complaining by HY and others, the crew was suspended for at least 2 games. It was kept quiet but it did occur. I personally wrote a letter to HY emphasizing the remedies I knew could be implemented from insights gained through family after it occurred. I’m not taking credit here, but I wanted HY to know that many of us fans do actually know a lot about the system of officiating and challenged him to pursue those remedies. He respectfully responded back to my letter. I’m glad he fought for some accountability. The sad thing calls like the one in the Auburn game still happen without some remedies. Sankey with this expansion should make it a priority to have the best an unbiased competent officiating crews versus any other conference. That means a policy change and putting John McDaid on notice incompetent officiating will not be tolerated. Accountability will be transparent and swiftly made and public.


I agree Tusk and it’s hard to believe that the mighty SEC doesn’t have full time SEC officials like other conferences do. I guess we were made to believe the replay booth with trained officials overseeing the action would be the answer. Well the boys in Birmingham were just as incompetent at times obviously. Every year there are multiple game changing blown calls.

Only now that TX & OU are coming, Sankey is considering fully trained full time officials for football.
Well thank you TX, huh!!!

That gaff was reviewed on replay and the SEC (sigh) replay officials upheld the call. Total crap.


I hate to tell you but most NFL officials have other jobs unless they have been in business for awhile or careers that allow them to live on officials salaries. At the college level it would take major boosts in salary for it to not be a part time job. Don’t think that will happen but better grading systems and accountability with transparency to the league and fans are things that can be accomplished. Another problem is that officiating even at the high school level is now suffering from a big time lack of interest to be an official and the commitment it takes to be good at it. Arkansas high schools are having a hard time attracting new officials. Part of it is low pay per game.

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So the SEC can’t afford a boost in salary and provide more better training for full time officials?
But can negotiate secret underhanded deals to lure teams from other conferences so the league and schools can make another 200mil to split up.
Officials salaries should be peanuts

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I know some NFL refs call college basketball in the winter. Others are lawyers, school teachers, run a dairy…

NFL has a professional retired ref knowledgeable of the rules on hand to explain any/all suspect calls. I’m sure doesn’t come cheap.

The networks employ those retired refs. Not the league.

I don’t believe any conference or the nfl has actual full time officials, and I have good insight on that. The nfl has some it deems are full time but aren’t really.

However, what they do have, as well as many other conferences, is a very serious grading system. NFL refs work their butts off during the week pre and post game prepping and reviewing. They are graded on every play independent of whether they made a call or not. Most of them consider the sec ref performance review system about the worst in college. New oversight guy is supposed to be very good.

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NFL refs work their butts off during the week pre & post game prepping for free? Must cut into their regular day job time.
The grading system everybody uses (pro & college) is only for the on field refs or includes the review refs also?

Most of them live and breathe officiating, so while we are doing whatever we do when not working they are working on officiating skills and preparation. It’s amazing how much time they spend on it. Whatever your favorite pastime outside of work, triple the time it for an NFL official, and yes for most of them it does cut into their day job time and certainly their weekends.

Good question on the video guys at the game, but I can tell you that the NFL video guys in New York make a lot of the calls that go to video review.

Your exactly right most NFL officials work their tails off. My brother in law is now head of training and development of new and existing NFL officials. He was on the field 13 years and and a supervisor of officials , one of 5. I have been privileged to observe grading and your correct every call is graded and also most in the NFL have a very poor opinion of SEC officials and their grading system. John McDaid had a good reputation prior to the SEC. I am afraid unless Sankey decides to improve SEC officiating with more accountability and transparency it’s SEC politically not going to happen.

I’m not buying the non apology apology

The incompetence of SEC officials deploy Marc Curles is legendary

The SEC needs to clean house of its Whole officiating departments

The bias is real and embarrassing

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It’s one or the other. They’re either biased or incompetent. I think it’s pure incompetence. If they hadn’t even gone to video review at Auburn, I would say bias. If they go to video review and still get it wrong…

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Agreed - it’s not just one event - I s continuous examples of poor performance

The commissioner’s use of 80% is of good note

At 80% he is using a bare bottom B- as his grade of excellence

That’s not excellence that’s barely acceptable for a volunteer league not the SEC

I dont watch NBA but their refs are full time and seem to generate a lot of controversy, I do watch NhL and those guys are full time and not reviewable except very limited circumstances. Refs are charted for betting and their tendencies are published and still they are culpable for failings frequently. Lord knows baseball has full time incompetents and ego maniacs but still they are full time and serve the purpose of generating controversy. SEC was long a good old boy network of officiating. Calling the game is subjective and less objective which is in itself a huge problem that could be solved with eye in the sky AI and robots, but then the programmer and soft ware would be subject to bias blamed on the creator to favor whomever. The system has always schucked and will always be the same, grin and bear it esp Arkansas since we have a long tradition of telling the stories of how we were wronged all the way back to Tommy Bell and wide FG that won the game for Ole Miss.

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