Sandi Morris through to the finals

Sandi cleared 4.55 meters with no misses and qualified for the finals in the women’s pole vault.

Lexi Weeks didn’t fare so well. After clearing 4.45, she missed on all three attempts at 4.55 and did not make the final round.

Former Razorback Tina Sutej is also through to the final round representing Slovenia. Like Sandi, she cleared 4.55.

I kind of expected that for Lexi. She exceeded expectations by making the team. Her time will be Tokyo 2016.

I think she has a chance to be a staple in the Olympics for for the next decade and a half if she wants to compete that long. Jenn Suhr is probably in her final Olympics, but still considered the best in the world at 35.

Lance Harter told me once that female athletes don’t hit their peak until between 28 and 32. Lexi is 19. The timing of this year’s Olympics is great for her. She didn’t have to wait until she was 24 like Sandi Morris to get this experience.

If she follows Suhr’s lead, she’ll have another three or four Olympics in which to compete. I have been following her for a while (she was breaking high school records) and have no doubt that she’ll be able to be considered one of the best in the world later in her career.

The timing is also good for Arkansas. I don’t think she is going to be a threat to leave school early in order to compete for the Olympics.

It was great to watch Lexi and Sandi in the group area. You could tell that Sandi was coaching Lexi. What a wonderful experience for such a young vaulter.

Now Sandi is all clear going into finals, while Jenn Suhr has one miss. I’m not sure if misses carry forward from prelims.

Not surprising. She is a volunteer coach for the pole vaulters at Arkansas.

I knew that she still trained here, but I didn’t know that she was a volunteer coach.

Misses don’t carry forward to the finals. They start back with a clean slate.