Sandi Morris raises her American PV record to 5.0m

At the season’s final Diamond League meet in Brussels, Belgium, Sandi raised her American outdoor record to 5.0m. She had set her previous record of 4.95m in Houston just prior to the Olympics.

As a result, she became only the second woman to join the 5m club outdoors. World record holder Yelena Isinbayeva of Russia is the only other woman that has jumped 5m or higher. American Jenn Suhr has jumped 5.03m indoors. Those three are the only women who have jumped 5m or higher outdoors or indoors,

After raising her American record and winning the meet, Sandi made three attempts to set a new world record at 5:07m

Sandi will be the world record holder soon. It is a matter of time.

The whole pole vault meter thing

So I went to look and that is 16-4 3/4 feet

I agree Dudley. When I watch the Pole Vault at international meets, I keep a google page open to convert meters to feet. :slight_smile:

There are free Apps you can download that will do all kinds of conversions. I use it at least once a week

… can be seen here: Sandi Morris’ Pole Vault Dream