Sandi Morris gets silver in PV

Had a final jump that would have won gold at 16’ 1/4" but brushed the bar off with her thigh.

Meanwhile, Tyson Gay is running a leg on the 4X100 relay final in a few minutes

Gay ran the third leg on the US relay which got the bronze medal. Jamaica won, of course, followed by Japan. Yes, Japan. Gay’s handoff to Trayvon Bromell wasn’t very smooth but at worst that cost us the silver. Nobody was gonna beat Bolt.

So close for Morris. So close.

US 4x100 relay disqualified, apparently because the first handoff happened outside the legal zone. No bronze medal for Tyson Gay. US relay has a history of problems passing the stick, so this isn’t new.

Hopefully, the US protests the ruling. While Gatlin reached back for baton prior to being in passing zone, it was certainly inconclusive whether it had actually been passed.

I’ve replayed the close-up of Sandy going over the bar and cannot see where she touched the bar–neither on the way up (she wasn’t close) or on the way down.

Anyone see the touch?

Tyson Gay is just plain bad luck for the US 4x100,whether he is directly involved in the DQ or not.

I wish Jenn Suhr wasn’t under the weather. Cost USA a medal, maybe the gold medal.

Heartbreaking. I can’t see the harm in protesting.

Yes, her thigh touched the bar on the way up. The slow on shows it.

Ruling expected this morning

Sandi has come a long way from finishing fourth at the NCAA meet her junior year. She said she went back to her hotel that night and said, “This isn’t going to happen again.”

She has been phenomenal since - NCAA champion indoors, NCAA runner-up outdoors, two runner-up finishes at the U.S. outdoor championships, American champion indoors, world runner-up indoors and Olympic silver medalist.

And she is the holder of the American record for outdoor Pole Vault.